Cape Cod 2013

Will try to keep photos in order of date taken!! You may see what looks like duplicates, but many are in sequences, to show damage, clean-up, and critters...

Started going back on March 16, to see what things looked like after the February storms...

Chipmunk, Fox & Hawk!

Trees and Yard Trashed ~ More Pine Needles than Ever Before!

The Monster House Out Back ~ Untouched by Storms

Headed Home ~ Took a Quick Turn off Rt 6A

Jonquils & a Beautiful Old Farm

April ~ Corporation Beach, Yard, & Flowers!

May 8: Watching Clammers, Chapin Beach Damage, Chippy, Fox, Birds, Start of Yard Clean Up, Cherry Tree & The Front of the Ugly House



Backyard With Landscape Artist CB ~ May 17-19

Now the Yard is All Cleaned up ~ Thanks to CB

Went to See the Bray Farm

Back Once More in June, to Clean for Renters ~ Our Spiffed Up Yard with  Additions from Estate Sales ~ Tree of Bottles by The Post Office ~ Many Lovely Places on Main Street, Dennis ~ Boats in a Marsh ~ Love the Wild Flower Garden, Bee Skep House & Our Cherry Blossoms!

The End ~ For Now


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